Sundering Gods

Belforia, and the age of Rebirth.

Belforia is a vast continent of temperate climate; resting itself on the equator of Thesa. The world is littered with very few adventurers after the Sundering, an event that took place 5 years ago, due to the use of forbidden relics of an evil God. Drawing away from the world, the Gods took with them the courage and desire to bless those who once wielded their powers. From Winterfell along that whole latitude line has been sundered and broke apart from Belforia. Post-Sundering, Belforia has been plagued with a constant blizzard that snakes its way across the entirety of the northern regions, beyond the great rift. These storms however, seem to trace a pattern, seemingly resting from time to time. It is rumored to be the hands of a Dead God, sweeping its length across the expanse; searching for a hold to be reborn unto Thesa. Some south say its the Brood Mother, Cyhalloi. She is said to be the eldest white dragon; a nod toward her apparent seat within The Circle

Post-Sundering, the most signifigant thing to have happened was The Night War, happening some 243 years prior to the sundering, in the year 333. This brought Elves and Chaos Elves to ruins. Tearing apart the very fabric of their being and rewriting everything known concerning these two races. The war was fought over the territory of The Barrowlands, the largest mountain region in the world. Its advantages fruitful, and its risk catastrophic. Thesa was young, Belforia more so; kings and Warlords were still carving out their lands and establishing treaties. The Free Cities were collecting resource to further expand their domain, while still maintaining civility. In The Second Age, also know as Post Sundering where the world was cracked due to the malicious use of a Gods artifact. Once man, the God Kaji obtained a coveted spear. Adorned with runes, and wards it was there he poured all his power until time took him thus. Jardir, a zealot who thought himself the reincarnation of Kaji himself; sought this spear, and with it the unification of man through submission. Looking to conquer the races of men, he rose the spear up in an act of desperation to stop a group who fell upon him, nigh before he could use the weapon to its full potential. The magics within ebbed out in a great fury; seizing all life within the area, spreading outward it ripped across the length of the earth. A line that came upon itself as it reached the far ends of Thesa. The world is now in upheaval and chaos, where kingdoms are deceiving one another, and retreating their boarders in order to fortify their lands to protect their people and the lords best interest. This is the time line players are in now that allow them to choose their own path, and allies; to help or hinder kingdoms as they choose. The world is left with very few powerful adventurers, and the ones who are left, are in positions of obvious power and influence. Many Warlords within Belforia were previous adventurers looking to establish for themselves, great cities with loyal denizens.

Many other races, as well as history fills Belforia; from the Barbarians to the frozen north, the Dwarfs who retreated from the lands across the ocean with the Gnomes in search of greater discoveries. The southern jungles of Takā€™Hiz hide many secrets of the continent, littered with ruins that stretch miles under the earth. It is said that here, within these ruins shrines to the Old Gods still run red. Much mystery and danger blankets Tak’Hiz; however it is here, that perhaps the truth can be uncovered about the depature of the Gods.

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Sundering Gods